Winning boxing Gloves Reviews: The Best boxing gloves money can buy.

winning boxing gloves

Winning boxing gloves are a popular brand used by well-known pros in both boxing and MMA. This company produces pinnacle models of gear that competitors try to copy, but fail to achieve when considering the same top-notch quality results. Everything about these gloves has been taken into account to provide optimal benefits to the wearer. These premium items contain the best thumb section and are made from a high quality leather. They are not only worth while in their looks but also in the multipurpose padding and unparalleled construction that they offer.Winning’s protective ability is unrivaled and these are hands down the most comfortable gloves that I have ever used.
The winning boxing gloves feature a layered padding within their gloves has been commonly referred to as “pillows.” It is a highly recommended feature that is well executed within this brand. One of the most common issues associated with boxing gloves is hands break. The winning boxing gloves do a bang up job at protecting your hands in order to avoid any hand injury. The feel is soft, inviting and contains a fully broken in fit that reduces the time needed for breaking in the glove. This MMA equipment shapes to your hand making it seem as ifit was specifically designed for you. When comparing IMF to Winning gloves, IMF has been known to make knuckles sore and the firm design does not allow for your hand to fully open. Consider Winning when ordering your next pair of gloves to receive a quality product that is comfortable to wear and makes you look like a pro MMA competitor.

#1 Winning Velcro Training Boxing Gloves


Winning Training Gloves

Boxing Glove Specifications


  • Manufacturer: Winning Boxing
  • Glove Size: 16oz
  • Glove Color: Black, White, Red and Blue

Boxing Glove Performance Rating

  • Price 68%
  • Durability 96%
  • Glove Build Quality 98%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 96%
  • Consumer Reviews 98%

Editors Rating



What can we say? The winning boxing gloves are hands down the best training gloves for boxing that I have ever gotten the pleasure to use. The gloves are made out of some of the best material that can be found and will last you for years to come. Not only are they comfortable, the gloves do a bang up job at keeping your hand protected which is extremely important for training. However, with high quality comes high price and these gloves are quite expensive when you compare it to similar offerings. To wrap things up, if you got the money then the winning training boxing gloves is your best possible option. The winning velcro boxing gloves will exceed your expectation and simply surpass any other glove you have worn prior and I stand by that statement.