Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi Review: What To Expect

Venum Challenger

The Venum Challenger 2.0 BJJ Gi is one of the best selling Brazilian jiu jitsu gis on the market to date and is what I am reviewing today. Not only has the venum bjj gi sold amazingly well, it’s got highly praised consumer reviews to match its sales. I was able to rock the bjj gi for a solid month. In the span of that month, the venum challenger 2.0 bjj Gi was twice a week and once in a tournament. When reviewing Venum’s BJJ Gi, I looked at the comfort provided, comfortability, durability, Pricing, overall build quality, consumer reviews, manufacture reputation and lastly, the gi’s washability.


Gi Specifications


  • Manufacturer: Venum
  • BJJ GI Size: A1, A1.5, A2, A2.5, A3, A5
  • BJJ Gi Color: Blue, Black and White

Performance Rating

  • Price 89%
  • Comfortability 90%
  • Gi Durability 91%
  • Gi Build Quality 91%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 87%
  • Washability 86%
  • Consumer Reviews 90%

Editors Rating


Comfort provided during Training and Competition

This is where I feel the venum challenger BJJ Gi shines. The pearl weave cotton makes the Brazilian jiu jitsu gi very lightweight and incredibly easy on the skin. The gi did not hinder my grappling what so ever and not once did I feel compromised because of the gi. That said, choosing the right size might be a tad bit tricky if you’re a bulky individual.


Durability and overall Build Quality

The cotton material used to construct the venum challenger gi does a bang up job at making it durable. In addition, venum has reinforced stitching in areas that are prone to ripping like the crotch area for example. The gi took an incredibly amount of abuse in the month that it was used but it never showed any signs of breakage or damage.


Consumer Reviews

The Venum Challenger is ranked very highly across numerous different outlets and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Communities. The only complaint some concerns have shown is about sizing which isn’t much of an issue if you follow the manufacturer’s guide to choosing the right size gi.


Manufacture Reputation

Venum has been in the combat sports equipment industry for quite some time and has a solid reputation whether its boxing gloves, Shin Guards or BJJ Gis. The equipment that is manufactured from venum is used all over the world across multiple martial arts.


Washing and Maintaining the Venum Challenger

I clean my BJJ gis every Sunday morning and have been doing so for the last 8 years. I wouldn’t recommend throwing the venum challenger gi in the washing machine as it is prone to being shrunk. I would recommend hand washing the Gi with cold water so it doesn’t break down in size.


Bottom Line

This is probably one of the best Brazilian jiu jitsu gis sold in the market today and I don’t throw that term out lightly. I’ve used multiple different bjj gis throughout my life and I’d confidently say that the venum challenger is at the top of the list. My one month experience with the venum challenger 2.0 bjj gi has prompted me to rank this as one of the best bjj gis of 2016. Venum’s BJJ gi is comfortable, durable and is made by a solid company that specializes in fight gear. Consumer reviews are also positive with very little negative feedback. With that being said, the venum challenger 2.0 bjj gi is priced higher than most bjj gis sold today. Also, you must carefully wash the venum bjj gi or you may risk shrinking it which some users have reported. At the end of the day, this is a truly phenomenal BJJ gi that I absolutely love and will continue using in my training and tournaments.