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best boxing gloves for women

One pair of gloves that stood high above the rest for womens boxing gloves is the Venum Challenger 2.0 Boxing Gloves. These are hands down one of the best boxing gloves for women and the popularity and high reviews it has gotten over the years is completely justified. These gloves can be used for training and sparring purposes for women in mma, boxing, kickboxing, muaythai and any other hand to hand combat sport.

The womens boxing glove is manufactured and produced with a high end leather material that is very impressive. The material is some of the most durable construction I have seen and will last you for years to come. In terms of knuckle support and protection, the glove features a triple density cushioned foam that does an exceptional job at absorbing shock from all punching angles thrown. In terms of wrist support and wrist protection, the venum women’s boxing gloves comes with a large velcro enclosure that keeps your hand and wrist safely in place. The design of the venum challanger is simply eye candy and looks top notch. The classic venum logo and strips is imprinted well into the gloves and the pink colouring used stands out in a very good way. In terms of the price your paying for the gloves, this where the venum challenger shines. Another reason why these gloves are considered the best boxing gloves for women is that the gloves are priced exceptionally well for the quality you are getting and the price to performance ratio in this glove is what makes this a steel and one of the best boxing gloves in the market.

The venum challenger 2.0 is available in 8oz, 10oz, 12oz,  14oz and 16oz. When which size glove to go with, make sure you know what you are using the gloves for. A large pair of gloves will protect your hands much better and also be easier on your opponent. A smaller pair of gloves will offer less protection on your hands but will not weigh as heavy. The only cons we could find with this glove is that the bright pink design may not be for everyone. The good thing is that the challenger 2.0 is offered in a variety of colours and is not mutually exclusive to pink only. These gloves are geared towards training gloves and may not be suited for any competition or amateur matches. Based on our assessment and review of the venum challenger 2.0, it is safe to say that this is one of best boxing gloves for women who are looking to do bag work or sparring work.

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