Title Boxing Boots Review: A look At the Title High Top Boxing Shoestitle boxing boots

The boxing shoes that I will be examining and reviewing today are the hi-top Title Boxing boots. Title’s boxing boots are designed with a high top type build measured at 12 inches in height and are also made with a combination of leather and nylon materials. The boxing boots are available in black, red, blue, and white colors with the famous title logo imprinted on the top of the boxing boots and at the back of the heals. In terms of sizing, the title boxing shoes range from a size 6 to a size 13. Lastly, consumer reviews on the Title-Hi Top boxing boots is fairly high when looking at various outlets and suppliers.

Title boxing boots have been very popular inside the ring and are used by some of the most prominent boxers in the world. To give you guys an idea, I was able to use the title boxing shoes over the course of a month around twice a week on average. These boxing boots were used in my heavy bag training, pad work training as well as my sparring sessions which was anywhere from an hour to 3 hours in total. I also cleaned the boxing shoes every Sunday morning to test out if they were easy to clean and maintain.


  • The title boxing boots are Priced amazingly well when you compare it to similar boxing shoes
  • The boxing shoes do a great job at cushioning and supporting your ankle and feet
  • The manufacture behind the boxing shoes is top notch
  • Cleaning the boxing shoes is fairly easy and straight forward



  • The boxing boots are a bit on the heavier side which may compromise footwork
  • Consumers have reported that finding the proper sized shoes maybe tricky
  • The build quality is not the greatest when you compare it to other boxing shoes


Performance Rating

  • Price 97%
  • Shoe Build Quality 93%
  • Ankle and Foot Support 92%
  • Shoe Durability 92%
  • Mobility 90%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 90%
  • Consumer Reviews 93%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

If I was to sum up my experience with the high top Title boxing boots, I was simply shocked with the quality I got considering the amount I spent on the shoes. The Title high top boxing boots screams value and is one of the best priced boxing shoes I have ever come across and I don’t say that lightly. The shoes are comfortable and the design/aesthetics of the shoes is also very nice. During my training, there was never an instance where I felt uncomfortable whether I was moving around in sparring or staying stationary during bag and mitt work. That said, there are a few cons such as the shoes being on the heavier side which may be a problem depending on your weight and size. Also, consumers have reported ordering a shoe size that was either too big or too tight which is uncommon when shopping for boxing shoes. That said, the highly praised consumer reviews the title boxing shoes have received is justified and I would recommend these shoes especially if you’re on a budget. In our list of the best boxing shoes in 2016, I ranked the title boxing shoes second due to the price to performance ratio these shoes provided.