Ringside Power Boxing Shoes Review: A look at Ringside’s most popular boxing shoe


The boxing shoes we will be reviewing today are none other than the ringside power boxing shoes. Ringside’s boxing shoes have been making quite a bit of waves in the boxing equipment industry. The Ringside power boxing shoes feature a grooved rubber sole that looks to support the boxer’s ankle and foot. In addition, the ringside boxing shoes include a hook and loop ankle strap as well as a reinforced toe tip to ensure that feet dexterity is not hindered in any way shape or form. The ringside boxing shoes also feature a mesh/suede design in order to keep the shoe breathable and further boost comfort. Lastly, ringside power boxing shoes are available in red, blue and black coloring.

I got a chance to rock these boxing shoes a little over 3 weeks. In the span of those 3 weeks, the shoes were used for heavy bag, pad work and a bit of sparring. I was so impressed with the results I got that I ranked these highly on my best boxing shoes list. When reviewing boxing shoes, pricing, build quality, ankle support, mobility, manufacture’s reputation and consumer reviews were all factors of consideration.



  • Manufacturer: Ringside
  • Shoe Size: 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12 & 13
  • Shoe Color: Black, Red and Blue

Performance Rating

  • Price 92%
  • Shoe Build Quality 90%
  • Ankle and Foot Support 92%
  • Shoe Durability 95%
  • Mobility 91%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 90%
  • Consumer Reviews 89%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

I was so impressed with how well these shoes held up mainly because of the price I paid for these shoes. Ringside’s power boxing shoe is price phenomenally well and should seriously be considered if you’re looking for a pair of boxing boots that are cost effective and scream value. In addition, the ringside boxing boots are very comfortable and there was an instance where my feet would ache from wearing the boots. That said, ringside’s boxing boots are built heavier than your average boxing boots which may not be everyone. Also, the durability of the boxing boots is good but not exactly jaw dropping great when you compare it with some of the other alternatives. With all things being said, there’s a reason why I rank these as some of the top boxing boots of 2016. The price tag is way too good to pass up which is why I rank these boots fairly high.