Official UFC Gloves Review: A Look Into The UFC’s Official fight gloves


 official ufc fight gloves

Today’s review of official fight rated competition MMA gloves is none other than the official UFC gloves. The UFC official fight gloves are manufactured by the ultimate fighting Championship i.e the UfC. The UFC is the world’s largest and most prominent MMA promotion to date so we’re excited to see how these gloves stack up to other competition rated MMA gloves. The official UFC gloves are used by MMA athletes in all weight classes as well as female MMA fighters. They sport the famous UFC logo design overtop a genuine black leather surface and also have a dedicated wrist strap for wrist support and stability. In addition, the gloves feature an open palm design in order to better the gripping needed in the sport of mixed martial arts. The UFC official gloves are available in many different sizes which ensures that you will get a proper fitting pair of gloves when fight night comes. The UFC gloves performed exceptionally well compared to other competition grade MMA gloves and is highly recommended for anyone needing a pair of competition approved mma gloves.

MMA Gloves Specs


  • Manufacturer: UFC
  • Glove Size: S, X, XXL, XXXL, XXXXL & MD
  • Glove Color: Black


  • The UFC Gloves priced extremely well despite being a recognizable brand
  • The Manufacturer behind this gloves is very prominent in the scope of MMA
  • Priced very well when you compare it to other alternatives


  • The Durability in these gloves is not the greatest when compared to other fight gloves
  • Wrist support on UFC official gloves is not the greatest

Performance Rating

  • Price 93%
  • Durability 83%
  • Build Quality 86%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 90%
  • Consumer Reviews 86%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

The UFC official fight gloves are highly recommended for anyone looking for a pair of  MMA fight gloves to compete in. Surprisingly, where the UFC gloves really shine is in its pricing and value. The UFC fight gloves are priced phenomenally well despite the fact that they are manufactured from the largest MMA promotion to date. When grappling and clinching, the gloves provided the hand with an adequate amount of space for gripping which is a problem with MMA gloves. That said, the gloves are notorious for eye pokes due to the glove design. Unlike other competition MMA gloves, the UFC gloves have very little leather on the tips of the fingers which can be problematic when you pawing or throwing strikes. Also, the build quality is good but not great when you compare it to some of the other competition rated MMA gloves. Despite falling short to other gloves, these gloves will still last you a while and the leather material used to construct the gloves is fairly durable and will withstand any of the striking and grappling you do.  At the end of the day, the pros far outweigh the cons and we recommend the UFC official fight gloves if you need a pair of gloves to compete in.