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Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes Review

One pair of boxing shoes that has made some noise is Nike’s very own Hyperko boxing shoes. The Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes was a pair of boots that I’ve been excited to try for a while now. Numerous pro boxers have sported the the Hyperko boxing boots and is common in many high level boxing gyms and camps. Manny Pacquiao is one many pro boxers who has worn the Hyperkos boxing boots in various different pro boxing bouts through his legandary career. the Nike made boxing shoes in a high level pro fight.

I got a chance to test the Hyperko boots for a solid month through out my training which consisted of both light and heavy sparring, bag work, focus mitts as well as shadow boxing. The criteria of my review consisted of many key factors such as the build quality, mobility, pricing etc. Each criteria was given a separate score with an overall editorial assessment being placed to gauge where the boxing shoes stand in comparison to other offerings. With out further ado, our review:


  • The Nike Hyperko boxing shoes are build incredibly well built and will last you for a long time.
  • The Boxing boots fit great and do an outstanding job at cushioning the feet on all angles of movements.
  • Nike is a manufacterer that has built itself an astounding reputation in the boxing world when it comes to equipment.
  • Maintaining the boxing shoes is a breeze and very easy in general.



  • The pricing on the Nike Hyperko boxing shoes are priced very high when you compare to other boxing boots from various other manufacturers.


Performance Rating

  • Price 73%
  • Shoe Build Quality 97%
  • Ankle and Foot Support 96%
  • Shoe Durability 95%
  • Mobility 98%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 94%
  • Consumer Reviews 95%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

If I was to sum up my experience with the Nike Hyperko Boxing Shoes, i was beyond impressed to say the least and the hype these boxing boots have generated is with out a doubt justified. The shoes fit well and feel great on the feet during my training sessions with no signs of irritability what so ever. They are also light yet sturdy which is rare to find in boxing boots in my general experience. The manufacturer has also proven itself which is why we see so many pro boxers use Nike when they compete. The only negative i could find is the steep price tag. You are going to spend a bit of money with these shoes which is not surprising considering the overall package you get. If you can afford it, by all means grab yourself a pair! Thanks for reading our review and hope it helps with your training!