At What Age is To late Start Competing in Mixed Martial Arts?

When a person wants to become an MMA fighter, they need to be physically and mentally prepared for the grueling training camps that are both mentally and physically draining. This sport really takes a toll on the body despite it being in its infancy. It can take years for a person to become good enough to enter the amateur circuit let alone compete as an actual pro. Many people wonder at what age is it too late to start training to become a professional Mixed Martial fighter.

To answer the question, if you are beyond the age of 25, you will have sadly missed the window of becoming an MMA fighter. Yes, there are special cases where a fighter gets into MMA at a late age but they usually have some sort of training prior to entering Mixed martial arts. Take Daniel Cormier for example, the man got into game fairly late but before that he was wrestling. Same exact story with the natural Randy Couture who also got into mixed martial arts in his mid-30s. If you have zero martial arts training and you are pushing 25, then the chances of you becoming a fighter is virtually slim.

Mixed martial arts has evolved and is very different than what we watched in the early royce gracie era and even the pride FC era. Many of the fighters we see today have been training since they were kids. Take the new UFC superstar sage northcutt who has been involved in martial arts since he was a tiny toddler. Another good example of a popular MMA fighter who has been training since he was a young child is the former lightweight champ Anthony pettis who was practicing TKD.

If you’re beyond the age of 25 and you want to pursue the career of a fighter. Be warned that the task ahead is a tough one and the lifestyle is a straight grind.