Krav Maga Training Dummy Review: The Celebrita Made Dummy
 Krav Maga Training Dummy Review

Krav Maga practitioners have always complained about the dummies used in training. One dummy in particular that performs amazingly well fo Krav Maga is the Celbrita made mma grappling dummy.   It takes a lot of practice in the art of Krav Maga meaning a good dummy to practice on is an absolute requirement.  The Calibrita MMA dummy was specifically designed with the strategies to learn how to properly prepare for as well as develop a better knowledge about Krav Maga. It has the ability to hold several different types of positions, so you are able to achieve a proper training on what it would be like with another person. There are several different beneficial aspects that come with purchasing and using this training dummy, and these aspects are able to help you further your knowledge and ability in Krav Maga. Our Krav Maga Training dummy review consists of training and testing over a fair amount of time.


What’s Included

The Krav Maga dummy comes weightless when shipped out to you which means that you must add the filling yourself. The filling weight can be filled up to 25KG. Also, the legs feature a curve that extends all the way to the upper hip area of the dummy. The dummie’s legs can be curved to about 90 degrees which help a ton with ankle and leg submissions. The overall construction of the Krav Maga Dummy is leather.


Celebrita Grappling Dummy

 Krav Maga Training Dummy Review


  • Price 96%
  • Dummy Durability 90%
  • Dummy Stitching 91%
  • Overall Build Quality 93%
  • Training Effectiveness 93%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 93%
  • Consumer Reviews 91%

Editors Ratings



  •   Able to fill up to the amount that you desire
  • Poses in different positions for you to be able to practice in a variety of positions as well
  • Easy and convenient to train on



Krav Maga Training Dummy Review: Conclusion

In conclusion, the Celebrita MMA Judo Punching Bag Grappling Dummy is a perfect addition to your Krav Maga practices. Our Krav Maga training dummy review was a long time coming to due to the unique requirments for the martial art. If you are looking to perfect your positions, your posture, and your poses, then this is the right training dummy for you. The pros on this dummy far outweigh the cons and you will be satisfied to the say the least.