Jaco fight shorts Review | How The MMA shorts Held Up In Training

Jaco Fight Shorts The mma shorts we will be reviewing today is none other than the Jaco Resurgence MMA Fight Shorts. These mixed martial arts shorts have been selling like hotcake and have quite a bit of hype behind them. The maker of the shorts is Jaco enterprises which specialize in shorts manufacturing. Consumer reviews have been relatively high for the jaco fight shorts which promoted me to give these shorts a pickup. I got a chance to use the shorts through my training for the past 2 months before writing this review. The nature of my training ranged from light intsensity such as a brisk jog to high intensity like balls to the wall all out sparring. Here is how it performed:

How The Jaco Fight Shorts Were Tested

The mma shorts were primarily used for no-gi grappling and light to medium striking sparring sessions at least 3 times a week for 2 months. Other parts of my training that the shorts were used in include strength, includes strength & conditioning sessions, heavy bag/mitt work and yoga sessions. The Jaco fight shorts were thrown into a washing machine at least twice a week depending on how dirty they got during my training.

Jaco Resurgence MMA Fight Shorts

Jaco Fight Shorts

Jaco Fight Shorts Specifications

  • Made with 90% polyester material & 10% spandex
  • Fabric is made to easily stretch in all directions
  • Specifically manufactured for mixed martial arts
  • Features a compression waist tightening system
  • Includes an internal stretch pocket at the bottom of the shorts
  • The Fight Shorts are available in white and size 38


  • Shorts are very light weight and weigh next to nothing
  • The waistband is very secure and did not budge during grappling
  • Priced competitively when compared to similar made fight shorts


  • Finding the right size shorts might be tricky for some
  • Logo started to slight fade after numerous washing sessions

Performance Rating

  • Price 94%
  • Washability 80%
  • Short Build Quality 85%
  • Comfortability 93%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 87%
  • Consumer Reviews 90%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

These shorts performed extremely well and I can see why they have been hyped up. They feel nice and weigh next to nothing which is a huge plus for both striking and grappling. The range of motion was also a big thing with these shorts. I was able to transition freely with virtually no hip or thigh restrictions from the shorts. Where the Jaco MMA shorts really shined is its waist band which held up nicely no matter what I was doing during my training. That said, the logo started fade a little after a month and half of frequent washing. Also, choosing the right size might be a little tricky depending on how your built. Wrapping things up, if you’re looking a solid pair of shorts and you’re on a budget then Jaco fight shorts should strongly be considered.