How To Clean Your Old Dirty Boxing Gloves: Our Step By Step Guide

Have you ever had a pair training gloves that stunk so bad that it was unbearable? The smell emitting from the gloves is bacteria and wet sweat that has not dried up yet. I’ve been through close to a dozen pair of gloves because I did not take care of them and clean them properly. It down right sucks having to replace a good pair of gloves because of something so miniscule Here is a list of quick tips to help keep the stench out of your boxing or mma gloves:


Preventing your Training gloves from stinking

  • Ensure that your gloves are completely dry at all times. When there is liquid inside the gloves it creates a moisture and there after unpleasant smell. A good way to keep your gloves dry just to waking down before and after training.
  • Much like a sock is two pair of shoes, hand wraps help keep gloves dry.  It is important to wear your boxing gloves with hand wraps and not a naked hand. Your bare hands sweat more therefore leaving a stench in your gloves.
  • Before you start training with your gloves, wash, Clean, and dry your hands before the   training session. Wearing your gloves with a clean pair of hands will prevent any smell. Even though you shower after training, your gloves will not get a clean so that’s why it’s important to wash your hands before training.


Removing the Oder from Gloves

  • Wipe down the inside surface of the gloves with disinfectant or Lysol. Let the gloves stand for about an hour to an hour and a half.
  •  Grab a lightly soaked towel and wipe down the disinfectant/ Lysol. Let the glove stamp for an hour.
  • Take a blow dryer and set the fan to cool and completely dry the inside of the glove after wiping it down with disinfectant/Lysol.


I hope this article has helped some of you folks. It sucks having to replace your training gloves due to the odor caused by intense training. Also, as stupid as this may sound, never place your gloves inside the freezer.  I’ve heard people throwing their gloves in the freezer like they would with a water bottle in order to remove and the odor caused from protein. This will not work with gloves and this will only ruin your gloves.  A friend of mine completely ruined his $200 pair of clad Torre gloves doing this. Thanks a ton for reading and I wish you the best.


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