Combat Sports MMA Gloves Review: A look at the Max Strike MMA training gloves

Combat Sports MMA Gloves

The combat sports mma gloves are some of the best-priced gloves we have ever gotten our hands on. Combat Sport’s Max Strike MMA Training and sparring gloves are made with a 2 inch molded foam padding with ergonamic fitting to make the gloves comfortable. The mma training gloves also feature a dedicated wrist wrap which helps support your wrist when doing bag work or sparring. In terms of the actual design, the mma gloves are built very similiar to the old school Pride FC gloves that pride fighters would use. The mma gloves have a circular design which is good at stopping eye pokes and also has an open design that is great for grappling and transitioning. The Combat Sports Max Strike MMA training gloves are made from leather and are available in blue, red or white.


  • Manufacturer: Combat Sports
  • Glove Size: Regular, Large, X-Large
  • Glove Color: Red, white and blue


  • The gloves are designed very good and look unreal
  • Light weight and very comfortable
  • Priced very good for the quality of gloves you are getting


  • Depending on your hand size, the gloves may leave the fingers exposed which might be a problem
  • The wrist support is not the greatest on these gloves

Performance Rating

  • Price 83%
  • Durability 90%
  • Build Quality 88%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 86%
  • Consumer Reviews 85%

Editors Rating


Bottom Line

If you are looking for a pair of MMA training gloves that scream value, then the Combat Sports Max strike MMA training gloves should strongly be considered. The combat sports mma gloves look good and more importantly, feel good when training or sparring. Aside from the gloves phenomenal pricing, where the max strike gloves really shine is how comfortable they are. The gloves were very comfortable when rolling and hitting the heavy bag. The open palm design gave us great grip control which is a problem with a lot of mma gloves.  That said, the build quality is not the greatest and depending on your hand size, your fingers may be exposed due to the circular part of the gloves not reaching. Also, the wrist support strap is not the greatest and have noticed it come loose during our grappling sessions. With all that being said, we still recommend the combat sports mma gloves as they are super comfortable to train with. Be sure to choose the proper glove size if you decide to go with these gloves to ensure they will not slide around or come loose when training.