Clinch Gear Shorts Review: The CLINCH GEAR Pro Series MMA Shortsclinch gear shorts

The MMA shorts we will be reviewing today will be none other than the Clinch Gear Pro Series MMA Shorts. Clinch gear is a company that specializes in apparel for combat sports and has built itself a following in the MMA apparel industry. I was very excited to try out the clinch gear Shorts as they have received quite high reviews from numerous different sellers. The time spent with the shorts was just over a month at 4-5 times a week. Thought out that month, the clinch gear MMA shorts were used in my sparring sessions, my no gi grappling sessions, a little bit of bag work and pad work, and some strength and conditioning sessions. I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed with how well the shorts performed. When reviewing MMA shorts, I like to break it down into three categories for me to look at. The three categories are: the construction and Build quality of the shorts, how comfortable the shorts are during training and the washing and cleaning of the MMA shorts.



  • Manufacturer: Clinch Gear
  • Fight Short Size: 28, 30, 38, 40
  • Fight Short Colour: Grey, Black, Red, Silver, Blue, Orange and Green

Performance Rating

  • Price 90%
  • Washability 89%
  • Short Build Quality 95%
  • Comfortability 90%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 94%
  • Consumer Reviews 96%

Editors Rating


The construction and build quality of the Clinch GEAR Shorts

The clinch gear pro series MMA shorts are constructed with a microfiber suede fabric that makes the shorts very lightweight. Despite the shorts having a lighter weight, the clinch gear pro MMA shorts showed no signs of breakdown when I was using it during my training. These shorts are built very well and I don’t expect them to rip or get damaged anytime soon.


Washing and cleaning the clinch gear shorts

Unlike some of the past fight shorts I have used, cleaning the clinch gear mma shorts was fairly easy and straight forward. The shorts survived multiple rounds in the washing machine and did not shrink or get damaged on me. Like my bjj gi, I was using cold water to clean these shorts. Simply follow the cleaning instructions provided by clinch gear and you will be golden.


The comfort and feel of the clinch gear shorts

The overall comfortability provided is where the MMA shorts shine. The suede material used in the construction of the fight shorts feels amazing on the skin. In terms of training, the MMA shorts were very fluent and felt comfortable whether I was striking or grappling. My legs and hips felt fluent and I was able to squat, jump and roll without any problem. There wasn’t a single instance where the shorts interfered with my performance which is very important when it comes to fight shorts.

Bottom Line

What can I say? The clinch gear Pro series mma shorts is the best pair of fight shorts I have used in my training. I rank these as the best MMA shorts in the market today and I don’t say that lightly. The shorts are built well, perform well and clean well (if that makes sense). Not once did I feel like the shorts would break down on me and not once did I feel uncomfortable when training with the shorts on. If you decide to pick up the clinch gear fight shorts, be sure to choose size that gives you enough leg and hip room. You want these shorts to feel a bit loose unlike the val tudo style fight shorts where they are skin tight. Thanks for reading!