Cleto Reyes boxing shoes Review: One of the best boxing boots of 2017

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When we think of boxing gear, the first company that comes in mind is Cleto Reyes. Cleto Reyes has been in the boxing equipment market for quite some time and have built itself a reputation of making the industries best boxing gear. Today’s review will be none other than the Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoes. The cleto reyes boxing boots have received a lot of hype from online stores as well as the boxing community. I got a chance to use the boxing shoes over the course of 2 months and was able to use them quite bit in my training. The shoes were used in bag work, pad work and sparring in order to really gauge how good these boxing shoes are and whether the hype is justified.

The Cleto Reyes boxing shoes feature a Polyurethane insole and a light non-skidding rubber sole to reduce impact and boost foot dexterity. In addition, the boxing boots are constructed with a high top design and feature a wide up build to make the boxing shoes comfortable for the wearer. The material used to construct the actual boxing boots is leather and is available in jet black.

cleto reyes boxing shoes Pros:

  • Very comfortable on the feet and ankles
  • Offered ample support for the entire foot
  • The boxing shoes did not compromise  feet dextirty and footwork
  • Quality manufacter with a great reputation behind it


cleto reyes boxing shoes Cons:

  • The price is on the high side when you compare it to some of the other boxing shoes
  • The wide Lacing design featured on the boxing boots may not be for everyone

Performance Rating

  • Price 90%
  • Shoe Build Quality 93%
  • Ankle and Foot Support 94%
  • Shoe Durability 96%
  • Mobility 95%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 96%
  • Consumer Reviews 95%

Editors Rating



Bottom Line

If you don’t mind the high price tag and are looking for the absolute best boxing shoes possible then look no further. The Cleto Reyes Leather High Top Boxing Shoes meets each criteria and requirements when it comes to quality boxing boots and is hands down the best pair of boxing shoes we have ever gotten the pleasure to wear inside the ring. The shoes are built and manufactured with materials that will last you quite some time whether your using the boxing shoes for sparring and training or actual competition. Where the boxing boots really shine is in the comfort provided and foot dexterity given. My feet were very comfortable and I was able to move and cut angles no problem which is very important when it comes to footwork in general. To wrap things up, if you want the best possible boxing shoes money can buy then the cleteo reyes is hands down your best choice.