Century Bob Free Standing Punching Bag Review 2017

Century Bob

Century Fitness has made quality martial arts equipment for decades. One of their top rated products includes the Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag which is what we will be reviewing today. The Century Bob free standing punching bag sports a very unique unlike some of the other free standing punching bags. Bob is built to emulate a live opponent which is a vastly different design when comparing it to free standing bags in general. Bob’s innovative design makes training on the bag very life like unlike the other traditional bags. The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag includes a replicated version of a human jaw with eyes, nose and ears and a torso with a solar plexus and rib cage. In terms of specification, Bob is adjustable in height with a span of 60 to 78 inches, comes shipped in unfilled at 37 pounds, and comes with a one year warranty from Century. You can also choose to fil the century bob bag with water or sand.

Due to the century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag being built in a way that looks human, your training will also be impacted. The free standing punching bag will allow you to execute liver shots, upper cuts and solar plexus in a more “realistic” manner due to Bob being life. What’s also nice about the bob century bag is that Bag’s height is adjustable.  An adjustable height on Bob lets you practice techniques that are specific to your opponent whether they are shorter or taller than you. In addition, another benefit of the bob century bag is that torso itself is removable and can be used as a grappling dummy. Removing the torso from the base will allow you to practice your ground pound and throws which in my opinion is a benefit thanks to bob being a torso and not bag.



  • Manufacturer: Century
  • Bag Weight without fill: 37 pounds
  • Bag Measurements: 48″ by 24″
  • Bag Colour: Black base, beige bag


  • Bob’s Torso is built as well as its base is built very well and will last a long time
  • The human design of Bob does a magnificent job improving technique and striking accuracy
  • The base supports a high amount of weight which makes Century bob very stable
  • Installation of Bob is fairly straight forward and easy to assemble
  • Adjusting height is convenient and smooth


  • The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag is priced on the higher side
  • Removing the torso from the base may not be easy if you are fairly short
  • The design of Bob itself is unique and may not be for everyone.

Performance Rating

  • Price 87%
  • Bag Build Quality 93%
  • Base Build Quality 90%
  • Longevity 96%
  • Design 98%
  • Movement Isolation 90%
  • Manufacturer Reputation 92%
  • Consumer Reviews 94%

Editors Rating



The Verdict

The Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag is one of the best free standing punching bags we have ever gotten the pleasure to use. Theirs a reason why Bob is seen in almost all of the top MMA gyms and is one of the most sold standing punching bags today. We highly recommend the Century BOB Body Opponent Training Bag especially if you will be training seriously whether it be for Muay Thai, MMA, Boxing or any sport that involves striking. Bob’s Torso and supporting base is built to last and will not be breaking down on you anytime soon. Also, when filled with an adequate amount of water or sand, Bob will not be going anywhere when your strikes are thrown making it very stable and solid. Where the century bob punching bag really shines and why we love it so much is in its design and look. The human-like design is amazing at improving your striking technique and accuracy which is something not found in other free standing punching bags. With that said, Bob is priced on the higher side when comparing it to similar standing punching bags in the market. Although the design on Bob is very unique, it may not be for everyone especially if your a beginner that isn’t looking to improve striking accuracy and technique.

Some Helpful Information and Tips About the Century Bob Body Opponent Training Bag


  • Bob is about 50 pounds when shipped and around 270 pounds when filled with either water or sand. Choose a size that works with the location you plan setting it up in.
  • The dummy portion is shipped fully assembled. Simply fill the base with your desired material and place the mannequin on top.
  • The base is the same used with the Wavemaster punching bag and these pieces are compatible to use with either training equipment.
  • Fill base with sand instead of water. This makes the piece more stable and prevents it from moving around when hit.  Fine sand is suggested for use in the base.
  • Place a thick dense foam pad or rubber mat under the punching dummy. This prevents the item from moving around too much or making noise during the rebound.
  • If you need to move the piece simply lay it down and roll it on the base to the desired location.

The BOB training bag can be used for boxing, MMA, Karate, Muay Thai and many other striking martial arts sports. It is an ideal tool to improve precision and specific attacks in the scope of striking. Unlike a traditional heavy bag that hangs from your ceiling or wall, Bob can be moved fairly easy which is a big plus. The popularity and hype that Bob has received is well deserved due to a combination of design, build quality and versatility. You will not be disappointed with Bob and again, we recommend it for anyone looking for a free standing punching bag specifically for striking technique and accuracy.