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Muay Thai & MMA Shin Guards Reviews | Our Top 5 List

MMA shin guards Review and buyers guide 2016: The top 5 List MMA shin guards are similar to gloves in protecting a vital area of your body that is needed during sparring. They are formed of thick padded layers and cover your shin and in step. Mixed martial arts shin guards will allow you to practice kicks fairly hard and not worry about the damage that it may cause to your shins as well as those of your opponent. You will need shin guards in order to be allowed to practice sparring in most gyms. There are two main...

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Muay Thai Shorts Reviews | Our Top 5 List Of The Best Thai Trunks

Muay Thai shorts Reviews and Buyers Guide 2016 Muay Thai is an ancient form of self defense that was formed in Thailand. It has evolved into a mainstream combat sport. It is becoming popular in many other countries such as the United States, the UK and Australia. Muay Thai includes unique fighting techniques as well as physical benefits. It has increasingly become a favorite of many sport and fitness enthusiasts. When training and competing in muay thai, its crucial to have a solid pair of muay thai shorts. When training for Muay Thai you must wear the proper gear...

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